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Cyclone Box

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    Description Produit

    * USB bus only powered, current in idle state is only - 55mA!
    * First in world flexible pinout configurations via software. You can use for example TX2 pin on any RJ48 output I/O pin to avoid current cable mess on market.
    * First in world built-in 10Pin diagnostic service for measurement phone damages, via voltage, current, frequency, STI BUS.
    * Very fast frequencies, very fast flashes, real bus speed up to 10-11 MBit, using two datalines too.
    * UFS / JAF compatible pinout
    * Switchable VPP - either external (when power supply is given) or internally generated signal, boosting flashing / erasing speed much
    * Advanced selftests system
    * Supports both flashbus and USB conncetions for Nokia phones.
    * Built-in secure smartcard
    * No problems with other boxes. Drivers used will not making problems for other smartcard / FTDI devices. Just plug & play and enjoy